Make it Monday- Altered Tea Box


Tea is a big deal in this house. Whether it’s iced, sweetened, black tea or hot chamomile (a wonderful sedative), tea and water are the main sources of hydration for us.
Tea comes in tea boxes, of course. Re-imagining a tea box is a great way to flex your creative skills. Tea boxes can be painted, stamped, decoupaged and distressed.
My little butterfly tea box was made from an empty box of family size tea bags. I use it to hold my custom tea tags. It’s a cool thing to make your own art elements AND create custom storage for the things you make!
Here’s how to re-purpose a cardboard tea box into a lovely compartment for precious things!

Carefully pull apart and flatten your tea box.

Paint or collage or decoupage the outside of box. For the inside of the box, I used adhesive backed black felt.  Allow everything to dry and then fold the box back together and glue. Allow the glue to sit overnight. You may have to use binder clips to hold your box together while drying.

I used a Jennibellie crackling technique on my box and then finished it with stamps and a butterfly cut from piece of scrapbooking paper.

Here’s the link to Jenny’s crackling technique using gesso and glue.

This is such an easy project, great for kids and requires almost no supplies. Have fun!



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