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Make it Monday- The Beauty of Boxes

Make it Monday- The Beauty of Boxes

I have always adored boxes. As a child, I wondered what was in them, all tied with ribbon. I made castles and kitchens from large boxes my daddy would bring home from work. I even made cardboard wings once while waiting on a wind storm so I could see if I could fly down the hill of my house. I was stunned recently to drive by that house and see that once daunting hill…so LARGE in my child’s eyes…so small in my adult view.

People know I love boxes of all shapes and sizes and they gift them to me for art projects. I avidly recycle boxes but many are emptied, flattened and stored for future art use. I use boxes as art canvases, cards, embellishments, and books.


I was lucky to stumble on Jennibellie’s cereal box art journal tutorial years ago and since then, have been steadily making all kinds of books from boxes.Here’s a link to Jenny’s blog. YOU MUST VISIT JENNY!

My latest fascination has been making junk journals from boxes as it affords me the opportunity to recycle junk mail and old papers and magazines into quite cool works of art.


But when I read posts about folks asking what they need to purchase to get started making art or an art journal, I cringe. Suggestions post in about stuff to buy. Sometimes really expensive stuff.Sometimes ALOT of really expensive stuff.

Repeat after me: Making art doesn’t require buying stuff.

You can get started with exactly what you have in your house today. Look around you, sweet people. Boxes make books, cardboard makes buttons, embroidery thread or even dental floss make binding. Paper is everywhere. Don’t think you have to purchase stuff to make stuff! #usewhatyouhave