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Journal a Day June 27-Blister Pack Shadow Box


Journal a Day June 26-First Day of Summer journal cover



I talked about the totally awesome Jennibellie July Challenge at using tissue paper to create abstract art. I used Jenny’s technique to cover a former biscuit box and then used twine to create flower stems and used painted desk paper (my desk liner made of paper bags)  for the flowers.

I haven’t bound this journal because I’m not sure what direction it’s going to go. I am very pleased with the cover and was able to use stuff I had around the house to make it.

You really don’t have to go to a craft store and purchase a lot of stuff to create art. Look at the things around your house with an eye for crafting. The natural world is full of wonderful crafting supplies: sticks, stones, flowers, leaves and other gifts from nature make wonderful art materials.

Before I had any supplies, I perused videos to check out supplies people were using for crafting. Then I scouted around my house to find similar items. One of my best early finds was realizing the bottom of a worn out pair of flip flops made a great rubber stamp.

Do what you can with what you have. And have FUN!

Journal a Day June 20-24: Mama’s Birthday


My dear Mama’s 78th birthday was June 21. I traveled to Belmont to  be a with her and my daddy and the rest of my family. It was a particularly joyful reunion, as last time we were all together, we were navigating a health crisis. We are so glad our MAMA is still around to see her 78th  birthday

We celebrated at the newly opened Nellies Southern Kitchen in our little town of Belmont. The remarkable Jonas family opened the restaurant as a nod to their hometown and their mom, grandma and great grandma, Nellie.

We had an excellent dinner. Nellies biscuits were light and buttery and served in a bread bucket instead of a basket. The Pimento Cheese with crostini was divine. We were happy to hear these and other Nellies treats will be available for take out along with pastries and other breakfast fare when Nellies opens their morning service.

The food was simple, elegant and unabashedly southern! Homemade mac and cheese was served in an individual size iron skillet. Green bean casserole was served in another individual skillet. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, drunkin collards, barbecue, and shrimp and grits were beautifully served and delicious.


The serving plates were gorgeous, the glasses, napkins, silverware all beautifully designed but so distinctly southern grandma’s kitchen. Nellies decore is stunning.  A massive cotton bole, metal and glass, hung over the bar and the space featured huge paintings of southern landscapes. The chandeliers are white and showcase thebirds of North Carolina.An entire wall is dedicated to Nellie, and features a giant painting of her, replete with an iron skillet and spoons hanging from her waist, cotton in her dark hair, and a hound dog at her feet.


And the MUSIC! The house band is phenomenal and waiters and waitresses routinely took the stage to sing. Butch and the band blasted out beach music, old gospel tunes, new country songs and greatest hits. We ate, we drank sweet tea, we danced and celebrated the joy of being together.

A restaurant can have a great chef, a great menu, a lovely setting, but without heart and soul it is nothing. Nellies Southern Kitchen has the sweetest atmosphere. Everyone is happy to be there. And that sweet spirit and warm love is palpable. It is evident Nellies Southern Kitchen has a perfect combination of downhome southern elegance, style, food, music, spirit, and soul!



Journal a Day June 18-altered memo books


My dear Mama bought memo pads for me for my birthday! And my dear friend, Joy, decided she was going to get out of  scrapbooking and gave me bunches of creative material!

The results of these two fortunate events are altered memo pads. I took the help of Joy’s premade scrapbook paper and a few premade embellishments to create new covers for these little books.

My friend Tina made similar altered memo pads for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. I like the fringe finishing but I also like the plain version. Fast and fun!


Journal a Day June 16-cereal box loose leaf journal


Jennibellie has a great challenge at her site. It’s a challenge to use tissue paper as an abstract design element.

I took Jenny’s challenge a step further and used my abstract art as a cover for a loose-leaf cereal box Journal. I filled the journal with cereal box board that I prepped with gesso.

I sprayed the cover  of the journal  with  thrifted  and gifted sprays and inks.

I saw flowers  on the cover  and finished them with paint and markers. It turned out great and I look forward to using the journal. Cereal boxes make great canvases and are fun to work with and plentiful!

As I was working on the cereal box abstract canvas, I was also working on the cover of my next journal. I love working on multiple pieces and highly encourage you to try this technique!


Journal a Day June 17-Beach Book


I had a few oversize ATCs in my stash and had wanted to find a use for them. I made them from cereal box board, paint and homemade molding paste (gesso and baking soda). I was at a loss for a journal a day project but luckily stumbled on these while doing some cleaning and throwing away.

I used the finished cereal box boards as a front and back cover for the journal. I created quick signatures from 24 pound scrap paper. I tied the signatures into the book using a narrow greeting card for a spine. I used gifted fibers ( aren’t they wonderful?!) To tie the signatures into the journal.

I distressed a tagboard sticker for the sign that says beach. I can see it as a guest book in a beach house or cottage.

This little journal was easy and fun and again required no special equipment, tools or purchases. Use what you have and have fun!!