June Journal a Day- June 02


“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers
But above all
The world needs dreamers who do.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today’s journal is an accordion fold 3×3 scrap journal made of ugly paper.

I mean REALLY ugly paper. I am quite sure it was very fine in its day but, believe me, it has long since passed its day.

Journal a day June 2 2.png

Look away. It’s hideous!

Lindsay Weirach, The Frugal Crafter on youtube.com created a nifty little folded book using ugly paper. It’s a terrific way to clean out that stash of past its prime paper and create a little journal or book that is beautiful!

Journal a Day June 2 4.png

Today I decided to take the weekend off. I haven’t had time off since my Mamma fell ill April 30. I spent a week in her town hanging with her and Daddy and since coming home have worked daily to catch up with work but also pre- prepare in case I am called away again. I have a go bag for the first time since I was pregnant with my boys. She is feeling much better but the whole experience was so terrifying I feel like I have some sort of PTSD disorder. It will be OK. I know it will. Just now the experience feels like a hematoma…you know, those deep bruises that seem to take forever to heal.

Journal a Day June 2 3.png

But for me, art heals. Art soothes the mental uncertainties surrounding this new chapter in life. Diving into the process of learning a new craft technique or new paint style or new binding method wipes away, at least temporarily, some of the fear and forboding of not knowing what might happen next.

Art heals. Art calms and cradles the soul. It’s the expression of God brought forth from your own two hands. It’s miraculous and magical and when it’s happening, it’s mystical and powerful stuff.




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