June Journal a Day- Canvas Book June 3


“Ignorance gives one a large range of probabilities.”- George Eliot


Journal a Day Canvas Journal 2.png


It’s Sunday morning and I’m posting my June Journal a Day for Friday and Saturday and today. I got a bit behind in my posting because Friday night, we went out. We are both freelancers. That means, we don’t go out…or have vacations…or days off…Basically all our time is spent working. Freelance= work all the time because you never know what might happen to your income streams! Last week was a good week for Mr. Freelancealot so he treated us to dinner out at my favorite restaurant, a trip to the arcade to play skee ball and pinball and shopping for jeans for me which was fruitless. I can find clothes that fit. They have Winnie the Pooh on them or the words “I love my mommy.” So no new jeans for me.

Journal a Day Canvas Journal 3

So catching up this lovely Sunday morning with Friday’s journaling project which spilled over into Saturday because of having fun Friday night.

Journal a Day Canvas 4


My friend Peng sent me an remarkable pile of Happy Mail as she was Kon Mari-ing her craft supplies. She sent along a piece of canvas fabric with a note that she thought the piece could be a cool journal cover. Because I am fairly ignorant about working with fabric/ canvas,  I contacted her about what media to use. She suggested Pitt Pens. So a-coloring I went! After the piece was colored, I glued it together and used a sewn binding method to secure a booklet of 24 pound white paper into the canvas cover. I also created a string and button closure.

I love this because it was Peng’s idea. And a fine one it was. This book is precious to me because it originated at my friend’s home. It soaked up the good vibes of her art studio and then it landed in my art studio. Her idea melded perfectly with my June Journal a Day project. And we all know, two heads are much better than one when it comes to putting flesh on the bones of an idea.



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