June Journal a Day – June 5- Palette Book


“Hands to Work. Hearts to God”- Shaker Axiom

I’ve mentioned my pals Peng and Joy before. Both, much to my benefit, have been cleaning and clearing their art studios. They’ve been passing along their unwanted or unused items to me and I am incredibly grateful for their contributions to my creative endeavors.

Both are passing along lovely items that lie outside the scope of my budget. My budget is about food and utilities and that sort of stuff of life. I received beautiful watercolor paper scraps from Peng, and Joy sent watercolor pads to help with my Tamara LaPorte lessons. Joy sent along a palette for the Sennielier Watercolors and the palette along with Peng’s lovely watercolor paper scraps were a perfect match.

In Joy’s palette I can see her brushstrokes; her sense of color and her gorgeous handwriting. I used Joy’s palette as the cover for a collection of different types of watercolor paper from Peng. I bound the Palette Book with an O ring.

I intend to take the little Palette Book outside with me along with the very portable Sennelier Watercolor kit and try my hand at landscapes.

I love the LOVE I feel when I handle and use my Palette Book.I like that Peng knew I could definitely use the watercolor paper and Joy, I am sure, didn’t know her palette play would become the cover of a precious Palette Book!  I am so grateful for good friends!



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