June Journal a Day Tiny Book- June 4


“Explore daily the will of God.” – Carl Jung

My commitment to a journal a day for June is not an easy task. I have a seriously intense job that leaves me little time for anything that does not create income.

My June challenge to myself is a reminder to daily explore the will of God. God resides in us. The Holy Spirit is the creative force that expresses itself through art, writing, photography and music. I also regard housekeeping, growing things and rearing children as a type of High Art.

My journal a day projects have to be fairly quick. I aim for an hour to an hour and a half per project. I rise extremely early in order to have time for art before I begin my work day. I get a start on a project and then I finish it over the course of the day as I have five minutes here and there. Then finishing touches happen at the end of the day.

Journal 4 started as a tiny box that held bearings. The box was sturdy so I only used the front, side and back of the box to create the journal. I filled it with three signatures of watercolor paper sent to me by my friend Peng. I used a sewn binding method and then a midori style stretchy string closure. It’s very tiny….2 1/2 x 2 1/2. Perfect for experimenting with my new set of exquisite Sennelier watercolors gifted to me by my sweet friend Joy.


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