Journal a Day- June 6-Photo Wallet Mini Notebook


I dislike purses. I like to have my hands free, so the times I must carry items about, I usually opt for a backpack. Pockets in jeans are essential to me. Ok. Pockets period are essential to me. Did I mention I didn’t enjoy carrying a purse?

I love these small folded wallet minis and have made them before. I’ve conducted a few workshops where I taught kids to make them as well. It’s a brilliant one sheet of paper project. You can create them in a theme for holidays or for special occasions. Each 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper will make one book. Each book has six pockets and a couple of slider pockets perfect for carrying business cards.

Best of all this little mini journal slips blissfully into a pocket!

I carry these journals with me when I go to the museum or visit a historical site. They’re perfect to note small details. They’d also be great to take notes in workshop or class.

Here’s the tutorial from Hollybeary Creations.




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