Journal a Day June 08- Pizza Box Midori



I kind of fell in love with midori style travelers notebooks a couple of years ago. It was in December and during my end of the year down time, I stumbled on the remarkable world of personal planners and planning. Although I never quite got the hang of using a personal planner -my life and work seems to plan itself in a spiral bound notebook- I did make a few midori style notebooks from things I had around the house. Last year, I made inserts and put them in my etsy shop and was happy to sell quite a few.

Though I never quite got the hang of planning, I did meet a lot of really cool, wonderful, fascinating planning folks and I treasure those friendships more than I can say.

My Journal a Day for June 8 is a midori style travelers notebook I made from a pizza box. In this case, a Red Baron Pizza Box. Boyfriend loves Red Baron.

I also recorded a video about how to create this fun, easy, kid friendly craft from things you probably have on hand.

Have fun!



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