Dog Tails- Happy Birthday Mia!




Our little Mia is 6 or 8 today. As ladies would, we will err on the side of least years and say Happy 6th Birthday to our girl! We really don’t know when she was born but this is her “gotcha day”. Three years ago Mia wandered into GriggZGarage emaciated, wormy, starving, hairless on her back and with a big bite on her ear. It looked as if someone had put on cigarettes on her little head. Ugly round sores. The pads of her feet were infected and falling off and of course a big hunters tracker collar was around her tiny little neck. Chris called the number on the collar and the hunter guy said, “That dog has been gone awhile. I’ll pick her up in a few days.” Chris called me and I told him to call the hunter guy and tell him we would take the dog. And we did. The first two weeks, I thought I would get up every morning and she would have died over night. By the third week, after lots of care and love and attention to her wounds, she began to get better. Now she is our chunky and sassy little Mia, bossing Kronk around, sleeping in the bed under the covers, rolling on her back in the sun, eating and sleeping and playing way too much. We love her. She is our girl.


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