Journal a Day June 26-First Day of Summer journal cover



I talked about the totally awesome Jennibellie July Challenge at using tissue paper to create abstract art. I used Jenny’s technique to cover a former biscuit box and then used twine to create flower stems and used painted desk paper (my desk liner made of paper bags)  for the flowers.

I haven’t bound this journal because I’m not sure what direction it’s going to go. I am very pleased with the cover and was able to use stuff I had around the house to make it.

You really don’t have to go to a craft store and purchase a lot of stuff to create art. Look at the things around your house with an eye for crafting. The natural world is full of wonderful crafting supplies: sticks, stones, flowers, leaves and other gifts from nature make wonderful art materials.

Before I had any supplies, I perused videos to check out supplies people were using for crafting. Then I scouted around my house to find similar items. One of my best early finds was realizing the bottom of a worn out pair of flip flops made a great rubber stamp.

Do what you can with what you have. And have FUN!


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