Journal a Day June 27-Blister Pack Shadow Box


Not exactly a journal, but it is a repository for memories and that is sort of like a journal!

SO MANY THINGS are packaged in blister packs. The recycle number on these microphone cable packs was a 3 and that means I could not put them in my recycling. The more I looked at them, the more I realized I could probably do some sort of art project with them.

There was the nice niche in the front of the package and then so much room all around the edges. I gathered a few gifted items from my stash (again from my friends Joy and Peng) and also grabbed a jar of seashells Chris and I gathered at Backbay Wildlife Refuge last year.

I placed the shells in the niche and added seed beads and some glass pebbles and some cool fibers. I sealed the niche with a piece of scrapbook paper and that became the focal point of my shadow box.

It was a fun project and I’m working on another one just using things that anyone would have around the house.

I love using items for art that would otherwise end up in the trash.




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