Yoga and the artist


I’m two months into a new yoga practice. I am proud of myself and that is ok to say to myself; that I am proud. I am proud that I get up, get my The Artist’s Way Morning Pages done (that is also a new practice) and hop on the mat to “find what feels good” as Adriene, my online yoga teacher puts it.

This morning I learned Sitali, a Pranayama practice. Pranayama is breath practice; the ability to marry the breath with the movement. I am a big fan of Nadi Shodhan pranayama, which is alternate nostril breathing. It is an immediate way to calm the heck down, refocus, reshift, reset. I love it. I tried to link to Adriene’s tutorial but couldn’t get it to work. So please visit and search for Pranayama.

So Nadi Shodhan is rockin, but now I am in love with Sitali as well. Nothing like siting in a modified hero pose and taking a deep breath with your tongue hanging out of your mouth rolled into a taco shape. Now that, my friends, is a great way to start a morning.

I’m still working hard (art is hard work) to record, edit, add music to, upload new art videos to my channel a few times a week. Generally, I rise around 5:30am, put some coffee on, do my 100 (a set of isometric exercises I do while the joe is brewing) pour my cuppa, head upstairs to yoga and write, and then head back down to my Sunroom Studio to record a video. After my Moonstruck work day is done, I upload and edit the video then upload it to youtube too. Yep. That’s a lot of work. But I think eventually it will be worth it. Eventually. It has definitely kept me on my toes. I am not tech savvy. Wasn’t born with a mouse in my hand. So there’s been this giant learning curve to navigate to learn to video, edit and upload and then promote videos. It’s all rather….time consuming.

Here’s one of my latest videos. I like the idea of Gallery Wall art but all the cutesy white frames just really don’t appeal to me. So here’s a video of my take on a cool Gallery Wall piece. It’s a mosaic cross on a repurposed Belvita Biscuit box I painted black. Hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for reading.






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