Journal a Day June 18-altered memo books


My dear Mama bought memo pads for me for my birthday! And my dear friend, Joy, decided she was going to get out of  scrapbooking and gave me bunches of creative material!

The results of these two fortunate events are altered memo pads. I took the help of Joy’s premade scrapbook paper and a few premade embellishments to create new covers for these little books.

My friend Tina made similar altered memo pads for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. I like the fringe finishing but I also like the plain version. Fast and fun!



Journal a Day June 16-cereal box loose leaf journal


Jennibellie has a great challenge at her site. It’s a challenge to use tissue paper as an abstract design element.

I took Jenny’s challenge a step further and used my abstract art as a cover for a loose-leaf cereal box Journal. I filled the journal with cereal box board that I prepped with gesso.

I sprayed the cover  of the journal  with  thrifted  and gifted sprays and inks.

I saw flowers  on the cover  and finished them with paint and markers. It turned out great and I look forward to using the journal. Cereal boxes make great canvases and are fun to work with and plentiful!

As I was working on the cereal box abstract canvas, I was also working on the cover of my next journal. I love working on multiple pieces and highly encourage you to try this technique!


Journal a Day June 17-Beach Book


I had a few oversize ATCs in my stash and had wanted to find a use for them. I made them from cereal box board, paint and homemade molding paste (gesso and baking soda). I was at a loss for a journal a day project but luckily stumbled on these while doing some cleaning and throwing away.

I used the finished cereal box boards as a front and back cover for the journal. I created quick signatures from 24 pound scrap paper. I tied the signatures into the book using a narrow greeting card for a spine. I used gifted fibers ( aren’t they wonderful?!) To tie the signatures into the journal.

I distressed a tagboard sticker for the sign that says beach. I can see it as a guest book in a beach house or cottage.

This little journal was easy and fun and again required no special equipment, tools or purchases. Use what you have and have fun!!





Journal a day June 15 Magazine Insert


Today’s journal is a simple altered magazine insert. l glued some pages together and then used paints and sprays to create backgrounds. I’ll use the journal as a premade background play space.

Magazine inserts are great journal templates as they are already pre made books with a stapled spine. I’ve used a lot of the magazine inserts as glue books. I really had fun with my gifted & thrifted and deep discount sprays.

Inserts are fun for kids. A little project like this makes a great memory book.

Journal a Day June 14-The Ugly Journal


I think it’s important to post ugly art. I think it’s ok to not like a piece. Art is not so much a product as it is a process.

I am a novice artist. I don’t know about techniques and am just learning about tools. I know enough about art stuff to be wild and dangerous and abandoned when I am creating.

I know enough to make myself happy. I know enough to sooth my soul and calm myself. I am growing accustomed to channeling Spirit and just having a go at things. I slap some paint on. I play with markers. I dabble in stamps. My drawing skills are so minimal as to be laughable.

I don’t care. I cannot stress that enough. Perfection is way overrated.

Hince, the Ugly Journal. I started with canvas paper and drew circles with a set of Winsor Newton markers my pal Joy gave me. Then I brayered over the circles. Then I played with rub ons and stamps and then more brayering. Then I played with Tattered Angels glimmer mist from Peng. Then I played with shimmery watercolors. Them I played with stamp pads.

The only thing I DO like about this journal is the binding. I used a busted guitar string.

Life is short. Don’t worry about perfection. Enjoy the process. Don’t wait until you have everything you need. Don’t wait on the right time, the right tools, the right motivation.

Just do it.





Journal a Day June 13 Dos a dos mini book


I discovered you have to click on each image to see my captions. Please click on each image to see my step by step process for creating your very own dos a dos minibook.

I really hope you’re enjoying this little series about my June Journal a Day Journey!

Please comment or leave questions below! Thank you for reading!


Journal a Day Roundup June 10


A little look at the journals I’ve created by following my self created challenge to make a Journal a Day for JUNE!

What was I THINKING????