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Yoga and the artist- Lion’s Breath


This morning’s pose/Pranayama (yes, it is a combo deal!) was empowering and fun. I like sticking my tongue out and pouring my breath out like a lion. I am a Leo girl so this pose/Pranayama was right up my alley. Thank you Yoga With Adriene!

This is what I’m working on now in my Sunroom Studio. This is a page process in my art journal all about meditation….


After I finish my Artist’s Way Morning Pages, I read something inspiring and lately that has been the remarkable book The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. As an artist and a freelancer (writer and publicist) it is a challenge to survive financially from one month to the other. Honestly, at the end of the day when I get everyone fed, I say a simple prayer of gratitude. “Thank you Jesus that you gave me the ability to feed everyone today and keep a roof over my head and keep a floor beneath our feet.” I’m a big prayer. I pray constantly. I flip a switch and the light comes on, I say Thank You. I run a bath of nice warm water and that’s a Thank You moment too. Everything, and I do mean everything, is essentially a Thank You moment.

So Marianne’s book is particularly helpful to me as daily financial life is a huge challenge. It’s risky to be a freelancer. But I have been in freelance land for so long, I accept the challenges as well as the ginormous blessings that come with being able to use my creativity to make a living.

It’s part of my job to create pitches for my clients. I create radio pitches for airplay, pitches to send to venues the artist would like to play, pitches to magazines to write stories about my clients. Today, Marianne talked about a friend who was a clever screen writer but who shook in her shoes when she tried to pitch a project.

“Her mind could formulate a pitch, but only her spirit could be inspired and inspire others. In summation, there are Four Rules for Miraculous Work Creation
Be Positive
Send Love..
Have Fun
Kick Ass
– Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

I have difficulty with the have fun part of this equation, but I am determined to try harder. I like the Kick Ass, Amen part though.

Wishing all of you a happy, positive, loving, fun and kick ass evening!




Launching a youtube channel takes a lot of time…


June 30, I was honored to be a participant in Shannon Green’s Inspiration Conspiracy video hop. I was invited early this year and since then I have done a major sprint to learn new technology. I was not born with a mouse in my hand and haven’t had jobs that required me to learn much more than very basic computer skills. Shannon’s invitation meant I needed to “learn” youtube and I needed to learn to shoot a video in a tutorial, over-the-desk style.

Shannon was a remarkable and encouraging teacher and cheerleader. I created a video about making tie dyed bookmarks for Inspiration Conspiracy.  To date, it’s received over 1300 views, which is a lot considering I’m completely new to creating videos and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Since June 30, I’ve been recording how to and instructional and show-and-tell art videos daily. I’m steadily improving my skills in Movie Maker; learning to edit, add and control music, add photos, and other cinematic skills.


I’m also working full time so there’s that as well as this….

I also launched a yoga practice over the past month and a half. I’m 45 days into a daily yoga ritual. Whether it’s Goddess Pose or Hero Pose or Yoga for Complete Beginners (I am raising my hand- that’s me) or Yoga for Anxiety ( a personal favorite), starting my day on a mat has worked wonders for my physical and mental health. I’m really grateful to Adriene at Yoga With Adriene. She is my personal yoga trainer.

I realized last night, I’d allowed my blog to lapse. And I don’t want to lose connection with my writing again. Did I mention launching a youtube channel takes a lot of time?

Thanks for reading and allowing me to be a part of your day!


Journal a day June 15 Magazine Insert


Today’s journal is a simple altered magazine insert. l glued some pages together and then used paints and sprays to create backgrounds. I’ll use the journal as a premade background play space.

Magazine inserts are great journal templates as they are already pre made books with a stapled spine. I’ve used a lot of the magazine inserts as glue books. I really had fun with my gifted & thrifted and deep discount sprays.

Inserts are fun for kids. A little project like this makes a great memory book.

Journal a Day June 9- Inserts for your midori


Here’s a video about making inserts for a Pizza Box Midori Style Notebook. These little inserts are of course, perfect for midoris but they are so neat that they make nice gifts all by themselves. This is an easy craft and perfect for kids and adults as well.

If you’d like to know how to make the midori notebook, see my June 8 post.

Have fun!


Journal a Day June 08- Pizza Box Midori



I kind of fell in love with midori style travelers notebooks a couple of years ago. It was in December and during my end of the year down time, I stumbled on the remarkable world of personal planners and planning. Although I never quite got the hang of using a personal planner -my life and work seems to plan itself in a spiral bound notebook- I did make a few midori style notebooks from things I had around the house. Last year, I made inserts and put them in my etsy shop and was happy to sell quite a few.

Though I never quite got the hang of planning, I did meet a lot of really cool, wonderful, fascinating planning folks and I treasure those friendships more than I can say.

My Journal a Day for June 8 is a midori style travelers notebook I made from a pizza box. In this case, a Red Baron Pizza Box. Boyfriend loves Red Baron.

I also recorded a video about how to create this fun, easy, kid friendly craft from things you probably have on hand.

Have fun!


Journal a Day- June 6-Photo Wallet Mini Notebook


I dislike purses. I like to have my hands free, so the times I must carry items about, I usually opt for a backpack. Pockets in jeans are essential to me. Ok. Pockets period are essential to me. Did I mention I didn’t enjoy carrying a purse?

I love these small folded wallet minis and have made them before. I’ve conducted a few workshops where I taught kids to make them as well. It’s a brilliant one sheet of paper project. You can create them in a theme for holidays or for special occasions. Each 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper will make one book. Each book has six pockets and a couple of slider pockets perfect for carrying business cards.

Best of all this little mini journal slips blissfully into a pocket!

I carry these journals with me when I go to the museum or visit a historical site. They’re perfect to note small details. They’d also be great to take notes in workshop or class.

Here’s the tutorial from Hollybeary Creations.



June Journal a Day – June 5- Palette Book


“Hands to Work. Hearts to God”- Shaker Axiom

I’ve mentioned my pals Peng and Joy before. Both, much to my benefit, have been cleaning and clearing their art studios. They’ve been passing along their unwanted or unused items to me and I am incredibly grateful for their contributions to my creative endeavors.

Both are passing along lovely items that lie outside the scope of my budget. My budget is about food and utilities and that sort of stuff of life. I received beautiful watercolor paper scraps from Peng, and Joy sent watercolor pads to help with my Tamara LaPorte lessons. Joy sent along a palette for the Sennielier Watercolors and the palette along with Peng’s lovely watercolor paper scraps were a perfect match.

In Joy’s palette I can see her brushstrokes; her sense of color and her gorgeous handwriting. I used Joy’s palette as the cover for a collection of different types of watercolor paper from Peng. I bound the Palette Book with an O ring.

I intend to take the little Palette Book outside with me along with the very portable Sennelier Watercolor kit and try my hand at landscapes.

I love the LOVE I feel when I handle and use my Palette Book.I like that Peng knew I could definitely use the watercolor paper and Joy, I am sure, didn’t know her palette play would become the cover of a precious Palette Book!  I am so grateful for good friends!