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Journal a Day June 27-Blister Pack Shadow Box


Journal a Day June 18-altered memo books


My dear Mama bought memo pads for me for my birthday! And my dear friend, Joy, decided she was going to get out of  scrapbooking and gave me bunches of creative material!

The results of these two fortunate events are altered memo pads. I took the help of Joy’s premade scrapbook paper and a few premade embellishments to create new covers for these little books.

My friend Tina made similar altered memo pads for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. I like the fringe finishing but I also like the plain version. Fast and fun!


Journal a Day June 13 Dos a dos mini book


I discovered you have to click on each image to see my captions. Please click on each image to see my step by step process for creating your very own dos a dos minibook.

I really hope you’re enjoying this little series about my June Journal a Day Journey!

Please comment or leave questions below! Thank you for reading!


Journal a Day Roundup June 10


A little look at the journals I’ve created by following my self created challenge to make a Journal a Day for JUNE!

What was I THINKING????


Journal a Day Roundup- June 11- Inspiration Mini


Today’s Journal is an Inspiration Station style mini journal. I learned this technique from the fabulous Jennibellie. Google Jennibellie and you’ll find all sorts of tutorials, tips and techniques. Jennibellie’s Inspiration Station class is a free class at https://journalworkshops.ning.com. I highly recommend it!

Here’s a photo tutorial of how to create an Inspiration Station type journal. Basically you use one sheet of any sort of paper and a folding technique. Jennibellie explains this fully at her ning.com site.

Here’s an accompanying video. I so hope you’ll try this. It’s lots of fun and the journals are small and easy to manage when you’re working from a lap desk.






Journal a Day June 7- Angel Greeting Card Journal


Journal a Day June 7

Angel Journal made of recycled greeting cards with beaded spine.

This journal didn’t quite meet my hour to an hour and a half time frame but I wanted to revisit this technique I learned from Jennibellie. I opted to design my greeting card journal on a smaller scale than Jenny’s excellent work. I used five de-greeted the five inside signature cards by painting over the text, greeting and personal notes with off white acrylic paint. This does take a few layers of acrylic. You could manage the same sort of de-greeting by simple pasting paper over the greeting and personal info. I intend to use my Angel Journal as an a small art journal for my study of Archangels. So painting over the greeting allowed me to make the start of a “clean slate” on which to sketch and write.

I bound the Angel Journal using two cards that were bigger than the inside signature cards. I used a narrow greeting card as a spine for the book. I bound the Angel Journal with embroidery floss and scrap beads I had on hand. For the front choose a favorite Angel greeting card and glued the front of the card to the front of the Angel Journal.

This project was a complete scrap project. I used what I had on hand. The only thing that was purchased along the way was glue. I always have glue on hand so this project required no extra trips to the store or paper packs or other stuff.

You can make these journals quickly but if you choose the beaded spine, it does take a while. But the results are beautiful and would make a lovely gift for someone. You could also arrange the books in different themes: birds, flowers, nature, Santa, snowmen, Easter, etc.

So save your greeting cards or put the word out to family and friends that you’d like to have theirs!

Here’s the video from Jennibellie that teaches this technique.





June Journal a Day


“Become willing to see the hand of God and accept it as a friend’s offer to help you with what you are doing.” – Julia Cameron

I decided on the spur of the late afternoon today, June 01, that I would try to construct/complete a journal a day for June.

I believe The Universe had a lot to do with my decision. I’ve been dedicated to listening more to my intuition, and less to the chatter of the world. My world chatters incessantly. It is often irrational. It is often brutal and unkind. It is unpredictable and frightening.

When I’m drawing, painting,  or constructing, the yapping of the world and my internal dialogue grows quiet. The world, with all its endless drama and desperation, melts away as I measure and cut, tear and paste, draw and decide.

Journal a day June 3.png

What is this mysterious communion with The Great Creator? I fall into a project like one would fall into a worshipful trance. My art process, for lack of a better term, is a constructive, hands on meditation. More and more often, I accept the helping hand of God. I listen to my authentic, intuitive self as spirit decides color and shape and size and texture.

For me, creating is a holy experience. And I don’t make enough time for it. I work myself ragged, have meals at my work desk, forget to savor, forget to take care of myself. This must change….

Journal a day June 2.png

and today is the day.